Places of Interest

Victoria Golf & Country Resort

Hidden away from the whirlwind of city life, Victoria Golf and Country Resort is the perfect destination to unwind, kick back and enjoy a game of golf. Ranked among the “100 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World”, Victoria is home to a world class golf course, designed by the award winning Donald Steele & Co in 1997.

Bamaragala ancient rock temple

Located in the village of Henagahawela, Teldeniya in the Dumbara valley of central Sri Lanka, the Bambaragala Rajamaha Viharaya is somewhat of a hidden gem. Surrounded by the Victoria reservoir and Knuckles Mountain Range, it’s an often-overlooked site next to popular tourist destinations like the Sigiriya Rock Fortress or the Dambulla Temple, but is no less historically important or fascinating.

Distance: 3 km

Travel Time: 5 mts

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka's tea growing centre and enroute you could visit a tea factory. During the drive relish the endless views of tea carpeted valleys and the bright flash of female "tea pluckers" . Enjoy a stroll of Nuwara Eliya town, pass the 18-hole golf course, and visit the Hakgala Botanical Gardens

Distance: 95 km

Travel Time: 3 hrs


Take a drive down to Mahiyanganya on the scenic 18 hairpin bend route. Visit the Raja Maha Viharaya, Sorabowa Wewa and the Veddah Community. You could return via the Victoria/Randenigala/Rantabe Sanctuary passing the Rantambe and Randenigala Dams.

Distance:67 km

Travel Time: 1.5 hrs

Pallekelle International Cricket stadium

“The Albatross” has become a favorite location for Cricket fans coming to the Pallekelle International Cricket stadium as it is located just 15mts away from the stadium.

Distance: 10km

Travel Time: 20 mts

Knuckles mountain range,

Located within the district of Kandy and Matale in Central Sri Lanka, the Knuckles Mountain Range, so called because of its appearance resembles a set of knuckles of a clenched fist, consists of five mountain peaks and several other smaller peaks. With the highest point about 6,000 ft above sea level the Knuckles span an extensive region covering 155 sq. km of the island. A wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna makes this wilderness area a storehouse of rich biodiversity. Trek through dense forests, along rivers and waterfalls, past tea plantations and terraced paddy fields and visit some of the small rural village communities. Panoramic views of misty mountains, stunning valleys, ancient rock formations, lush forests, crystal clear streams, beautiful animal and plant life, paddy fields, traditional villages and hospitable people make the Knuckles an un-missable and unique blend of nature, culture and adventure. Hiking could be arranged from either the Hunnasgiriya end (Closest) or from the Riveston end

Distance: 42 km

Travel Time: 1.5 hrs

Kandy City

Located just 20kms from The Albatross, is the ancient city of Kandy, offering a wide range of sightseeing opportunities. You could visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Gadaladeniya, Lankatillake, Embekke, and the Galengolla Potugul Viharaya which are all ancient Buddhist temples that date back to the period of the Kandyan Kingdom, The Kandy National Museum, Tea Museum, Peradeniya Royal Botanical gardens and many more places of interest..

Distance; 20 km

Travel time; 45mts

Victoria Dam

The Victoria Dam is an arch dam located 130 mi (209 km) upstream of the Mahaweli River's mouth and 4 mi (6 km) from Teldeniya. Its main purposes are irrigation and hydroelectric power production. It is the tallest dam in Sri Lanka, and supports a 210 MW power station, the largest hydroelectric power station in the country. Construction of the dam commenced in 1978, and was ceremonially completed by then- President Jayewardene in April 1985.

Distance: 32km

Travel Time: 1 hrs


Dambulla Cave Temple first came to use as a refuge for King Valagambahu in 1st century BC. Concealed by the local monks upon returning from exile to his throne at Anuradhapura he had the magnificent cave temple built for them. The cave temple consists of a complex of Buddhist image houses. Its rock ceiling is one large sweep of colorful frescoes, some of which dates back to over 2,000 years, which depicts Buddhist mythology, and the tales of the Buddha's previous births. This cave temple has the largest number of Buddha statues all housed in one place, including a 14 meter long, colossal figure of the recumbent Buddha carved out of the rock. Enroute to Dambulla visit the Aluvihara Cave Temple located 26 km. from Kandy in Matale. You can also drop in at the many spice gardens on the way.

Distance: 98km/p>

Travel Time: 2.5 hrs

Wasgomuwa National Park

Wasgomuwa National Park located within the Central and North Central provinces, Famous for the elephants frequenting the Mahaweli River, which runs along one of the boundaries of the park, and is easily accessible from Hasalaka on the Mahiyanganaya road.

Distance:103 km

Travel Time: 2.5 hrs